By Armand Rabinowitz

Most people depend on Wi-Fi and internet networks every day, yet more and more, they perceive these complex and costly networks as commoditized utilities. As a former hotelier who fostered emerging technology solutions, I didn’t realize how much I underestimated the complexity of HSIA in hotels until I joined Cloud5 at the beginning of the pandemic.  People are accustomed to buying more or less data and paying according to their expected usage at home and on smart mobile devices. Further, in many public venues—such as airports, shopping centers, and restaurants—customers expect complimentary access to Wi-Fi as part of their experience.

Meanwhile, the physical infrastructure has remained complex and costly when deployed in dense environments such as multi dwelling units, hotels, and public venues where the number of devices crowd the available wireless spectrum and bandwidth. Supporting this growing usage has required significant advancements in Wi-Fi technology. Hospitality brands have needed to upgrade their networks at least every five years in order for them to meet guest expectations.

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Armand Rabinowitz is Vice President of Product Development for Cloud5 Communications.

He is hyper-focused on creating unequaled value for all who consume Cloud5’s products and services. Prior to Cloud5, he spent more than a decade bringing people and technology together, serving Hyatt Corporation and more recently as a leader of HTNG. As a multi-patented inventor, Armand is a frequently quoted subject matter expert, public speaker and published author on hotel and emerging technology.