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Your hotel guests aren’t using telecommunications designed 100 years ago, why is your hotel?

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Everyone needs a competitive edge, let’s make sure your hotel has all the advantages it can get.

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Letter from the CEO

Cloud5 is committed to equality for all and supporting our communities, clients, and employees during this unprecedented pandemic.

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Marriott International presented Cloud5 with awards for technology innovation and performance

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About Cloud5

Trusted by over 4000 hotel clients with 1,000,000 users worldwide, Cloud5 Communications is the leading provider of cloud-based telephony solutions, guest Internet (HSIA), contact centers and communication services for the hospitality industry. Powered by advanced networking and proprietary technology, the company combines a unique understanding of the service drivers and cost restrictions of hotels to deliver high performance, guest-centric, and cost-effective enterprise-wide communications.

Our integrated and holistic approach to communications ensures hoteliers can streamline their technology infrastructure and operations, helping hotels deliver exceptional care and services to their guests as well as enabling new revenue opportunities.

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