The New Guest Requirements for Hoteliers

Surprise and delight have long been differentiators for hotels. But today, guest personalization is not a perk. It’s not even an expectation. It’s a requirement for hotels that want to create repeat business, positive reviews, and high levels of guest satisfaction.

However, the bar is set high. And it’s going to take more than welcoming guests by their first name, providing cookies or chocolates with turn-down service, or even offering complimentary room upgrades to impress guests. In fact, according to HelpNet Security, “61 percent of consumers stated their expectations for digital services have changed forever due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and they will no longer tolerate poor performance.” So, how can hoteliers meet these expectations? Key technology innovations can provide solutions that are scalable, consistent, and cost-effective to implement at every touchpoint from inquiry and booking to check-in and post-visit engagement. Hoteliers who invest in these services will win the battle for loyalty, repeat business, and increased revenues from happy guests.

Cloud5 Communications offers a suite of technology products and services that more than 5,000 properties rely on to engage their guests and grow their businesses. From contactless check-in to mobile device room access, and voice activation systems that enable self-service, it’s easy to deliver superior guest experiences to every traveler on every visit. Key solutions include:

Virtual Guest Services: In a world where 60% of consumers believe that a one-minute hold time is too long, and the average wait time in hospitality is four minutes, poor experiences can begin long before a guest arrives.

It all starts with delivering an efficient and memorable call service experience. Cloud5’s Virtual Guest Services solution helps properties do more: more one-to-one interactions, more answered calls, and more high-quality service – without overloading existing employees or hiring new team members. This gives staff more time to focus attention on high-value, in-person guest interactions, all while representing your brand standards.

Vendor Management: Hotels manage a myriad of systems and vendors that must work together to ensure a quality guest experience. From elevators to internet services to point of sale systems – just one glitch can lead to guest frustration. Cloud5’s Vendor Management Services troubleshoot and resolve issues in the background so your front office and desk staff can focus on guest satisfaction. With more than 20 years of experience managing systems for the hospitality industry and features like single call resolution, Cloud5 has become the partner of some of the largest and most reputable industry brands in hospitality.

Cost Containment: Understanding costs and reinvesting funds into guest personalization services is a priority for hotels. Cloud5 helps properties make the most of their budgets with cost-effective telco expenses, procurement, cellular TEM, and pay-as-you-go flexibility. Less spend on the back end means more possibilities to deliver memorable experiences to business, leisure, and bleisure travelers alike.

Business Intelligence: Know your guests and be one step ahead of their expectations. Having data-driven insights on traveler preferences, service usage, loyalty program status, space utilization and more will help inform and personalize every step of the guest experience. The Cloud5 Hospitality Solutions Suite captures and delivers insights from your real-time data so you can offer superior, customized guest experiences. Guest Data Platform Analytics help identify customer preferences and habits to deliver targeted promotions and service offers.

So go ahead, and create memorable experiences that will surprise and delight your guests again and again with technology solutions and services from Cloud5 Communications.