Guests are asking for a better way to communicate, we’ll help you answer the call.

Today’s traveler – whether boomer or millennial, leisure or business – wants convenience. Today’s hotel owner needs meaningful, actionable data. With TravelButton™ APIs, your guests get access to guest room phone functionality from their smartphones, your staff can easily send messages and offers, and you receive insight on all of it.


Put Your Hotel’s Services in Your Guest’s Pocket


Text Messages, Push Offers, Make Guests Happy

From happy hour specials to unsold rooms, get the word out. Changing a wakeup time from poolside or getting a text that lost luggage has arrived will keep guests smiling and put your hotel at the top of their list.


Simplify Communications, Increase Revenue

Smartphones are always in your guests’ pockets, access to staff and services should be there too. Spa, wake-up, concierge – if you offer it, TravelButton can make it easy for guests to get it.


Increase your Mobile App Usage

You’ve got a cool app, give guests even more reasons to use it. Once they’ve checked in, they will enjoy instant access to features normally accessible only on their guest room phone. TravelButton calls are simple to manage since they appear like room calls to your staff, and you can answer your guests by name.


Telephony Mash-up Anyone? Get Good Data with TravelButton™

Data that translates to operational streamlining and enhanced revenue is a good thing, increased guest satisfaction, mobile app usage and brand loyalty is even better. Know who’s calling who, how often and when. We’ll deliver data on clicks too. Rather than estimating how many times people with three kids will ask for extra towels, plan for guest demands based on real data – and have a smoother running hotel, happier guests, repeat business and enhanced revenue.


Integration that Works, from the People who Know Hotels and Hotel Phone Systems

We have the interfaces and experience for hassle-free integration. Our voice platform has hooks to hotel systems and APIs that are ready to roll. We work directly with your mobile application developer for an installation that’s a breeze. There are lots of players in the mobile app space, but only one provider that is solely focused on hotels, hotel phone systems and how guests utilize telephony. TravelButton works at the intersection of your hotel infrastructure utilizing our cloud-based Voice Platform for PBX & PMS interfacing. We have certified interfaces with all major Property Management Systems (PMS), including brand proprietary ones.

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