Your Network is Operating at the Very Peak of Performance, Right?

We can help you know for sure.


Network Intelligence for Proactive Network Management

Cloud5 network monitoring and analysis drives peak performance for hotel and brand networks, keeping guests and residents happy and avoiding negative reviews. We help you identify and resolve network health issues before they impact guests and residents across applications, including Internet, Voice, IoT, and more.

Proactively Improve Guest Experiences

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See Your Network Like Never Before

Cloud5 collects millions of data points per second to provide a comprehensive view of your property or portfolio’s network performance to predict and reduce the likelihood of outages.

Using a Data Science-based, objective scoring algorithm, your network health receives a “Cloud5 Score”, on a scale of zero to 100, that tells you the state of your network performance at a glance. You can be more confident than ever that you are delivering the absolute best Wi-Fi experience.

  • Anticipate and remedy potential issues before they affect your Wi-Fi experience

  • Streamline processes and reduce costs

  • Compare performance with KPI benchmarks by portfolio, multiple properties, and single-site