Cloud5 Voice 

As an hotelier, you need a comprehensive telecom solution – not a fragmented collection of them. Reliable, high-quality telephone service and systems are critical components of running a successful hotel, but guest calls are no longer a source of meaningful revenue. We’ve developed the Cloud5 Voice solution with this in mind, and deliver cost-effective IP phone service and comprehensive PBX functionality – with all of the benefits of cloud-based solutions like redundancy, disaster mitigation, and automatic software updates. To give hotels a choice in their telephony systems, Cloud5 also offers on-premise solutions through its partnership with Mitel.

Bridging voice platforms, Cloud5 Auto-Attendant’s dynamic routing capability links both cloud and premises-based telecommunications solutions into a seamless management tool for analyzing marketing data, customer behavior patterns, and operational improvements.

One Source for Everything Telephony

  • SIP Trunking
  • Hosted and Premise-Based PBX
  • Hosted Voice Auto-Attendant
  • Hosted Voicemail
  • Hosted Call Accounting
  • Comprehensive Enterprise Call Data
  • Full 911 Compliance
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Automatic 4G Wireless Failover
  • SD-WAN Management


Not Just Any SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is one of the fastest growing services for businesses and consumers with adoption rates doubling by 2016. Cloud5’s SIP Trunking solution is designed specifically for hoteliers. We are experts with hotel telecommunications infrastructure – from fire panel lines to how wakeup calls work – unlike general providers who often overlook these critical aspects of your hotel’s operations. Cloud5 SIP Trunking significantly reduces the high costs and fees associated with traditional phone lines. Cloud5 SIP will reduce your phone service costs to a flat monthly rate that included unlimited local and long distance – and both inbound and outbound calling, unlike many cable company offerings – and position your hotel to easily acquire new telephone system features in the future.

Hosted-VoIP-InfoneticsAnd Cloud5’s SIP Trunking technology can be deployed with ANY PBX and phone system, without changing your existing phones or property cabling, enabling you to migrate all at once or incrementally.

Cloud5 manages the transition process away from expensive traditional phone service, ensuring that your current numbers are ported and unnecessary DIDs are no longer carried by your property. Our 24/7 network management allows you to streamline operations while we keep your system running smoothly. Hosted Voicemail and Auto-attendant functionality can also be included with Cloud5 SIP, further modernizing your hotel’s telephony environment without replacing your PBX and phones. Cloud5 SIP Trunking works with your existing PBX and deploys in minutes, so your hotel can start saving right away with minimal interruption.


Hosted PBX, We’ve Bought the Expensive Hardware for You

Cloud5 Voice’s Hosted PBX eliminates the need for onsite PBX hardware and the costly maintenance it requires. Because Cloud5 Voice is a hosted, software-as-a-service solution you get all the benefits of continuously upgraded software with none of the headaches of managing hardware or upgrades. Cloud5 Voice Hosted PBX features hospitality specific functionality that includes all of the functionality you need and is a turn-key solution – comprehensive wake-up management, voicemail, call accounting and auto-attendant services as well as PMS interfacing is included.


Hosted Auto-Attendant, Voicemail & Call Accounting with Legacy PBXs

An Auto-attendant is an important component of efficient hotel operations and provides data for business intelligence. Our hosted Auto-attendant can be deployed with ANY PBX and provides flexibility to direct calls where they can be handled by the right staff, at the right time, with customizable, time-of-day routing. Most importantly, our Auto-attendant and Call Accounting solutions deliver meaningful, actionable data about your hotel’s operations.

Migrate all at once or incrementally with Cloud5 Voice, and start enjoying the benefits of lower costs, expanded features, better uptime, and access to data that will help your hotel optimize its performance. 


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