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As hospitality struggles with staffing shortages post Covid-19, properties are less equipped to initiate and manage critical projects.

That’s where we come in. Cloud5’s Project Management offering combines the deep expertise of our in-house project management office with our 20+ year history in hospitality to help properties streamline, centralize and effectively manage multi-vendor projects, keeping them on time, on budget and within scope.

Whether it’s integrating a new technology or planning for a hotel renovation, Cloud5 is your one-stop-resource for on-demand PM expertise.

Cloud5’s Project Management Leverages the Expertise of our In-House Project Management Office (PMO) to Assist Properties With:

Our team of hospitality-focused project managers streamline, centralize, and effectively manage multi-vendor projects, keeping them on time, on budget and within scope.

Our deep hospitality know-how and project management proficiency brings consistency, expertise and professional processes to each and every project.

Cloud5’s vendor management service can be applied to bespoke on-property projects as well as repeatable multi-property initiatives across a wide range of activities from IT investments to property renovations and development.

“Cloud5’s PMO team helped us integrate a new company and its disparate technologies and systems into our existing portfolio. As a long-time client of Cloud5, Highgate has successfully engaged with the Cloud5 PMO team on network installations for many years, so when we found ourselves needing project management expertise, we knew where to turn.”

Richard Tudgay, CTO at Highgate

How could your property benefit from Cloud5’s Project Management?

What kinds of hospitality projects can Cloud5’s expert project managers assist with? Below are just a few examples:

Facilities Projects:

  • HVAC Installation / Replacement
  • Parking Systems
  • General Renovation Projects
  • Meeting Facility Renovation

Guestroom Projects:

  • Doorlocking Upgrade/Replacement
  • In-Room Entertainment Deployments
  • Staff Safety/Duress System Deployments
  • Guestroom Management System Deployments
  • Rooms Renovation Projects

Operational Projects:

  • Operational System Deployments

    • Property Management Systems
    • Spa Management Systems
    • F&B / POS Management System
  • Credit Card / EMV System Deployment
  • Technology Hardware System Deployments
  • Credit Card / EMV System Deployment
  • Flag / Brand Conversion

PMO Expertise Meets Hospitality Know-How

  • More than 20 years of experience in hospitality and thousands of projects under its belt
  • Seasoned PM team with more than 100+ years of combined experience
  • Consistent processes to standardize and scale initiatives
  • Built-in failsafes and redundant checks to ensure that all project details have the necessary attention and emphasis

  • Proprietary documents, Smartsheet automation and built-in tracking and record keeping of all project details
  • Customized dashboards that empower stakeholders to review where a project stands within the lifecycle