Transitioning Your Property to Cloud5

Ready to Make the Switch to Cloud5?

Meet Cloud5 – the nationwide hospitality specialist chosen by Matrix Networks to support its Guest Wireless Services clients going forward. With more than 20 years in the hospitality industry and experience serving some of the world’s most discerning brands, Cloud5 provides high quality networks and superior customer service/support that helps clients meet necessary Brand Standards and deliver the best guest experience possible.

As part of this transition, Matrix Networks has negotiated that:

  • The requirement for new gateways be waived for most clients (depending on specific environments), for a cost savings of $6,000-$10,000 per property
  • The traditional onboarding fee of $350 be waived for all Matrix Networks migrating services before 8/31/2022
  • Exclusive per room support rates for transitioning clients
  • Cloud5 provides services Matrix has historically declined to, including providing support on the staff side of your network (for an additional cost).

To take advantage of the benefits listed above, let’s connect! Simply fill out the form below and a Cloud5 representative will be in touch shortly: