The Cost of POTS Lines is Surging

Now’s the time to Flip to SIP

POTS Lines are Getting More Expensive

If you haven’t seen an increase in your POTS line costs yet, you soon will.

That’s because the FCC has granted telecommunications carriers permission to abandon outdated, degrading copper POTS lines. To encourage customers to embrace this change, carriers are dramatically increasing their rates for existing POTS lines.

In fact, our clients are seeing an average increase of 94% in POTS line costs from just 12 months ago, with some even experiencing rates up to $755/mo per POTS line.

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Average increase in POTS rates our clients are seeing from 2021-2022
POTS line price increases from 2008 to 2019
0 Aug 2022
goal date for services to be transitioned

Flip to SIP Program

If your property is ready to make the switch away from degrading, expensive POTS lines, Cloud5 can help.

Our Flip to SIP program empowers current and new customers to make the switch from POTS to SIP lines so they can avoid unnecessary costs while simultaneously modernizing their telephony.

If your hotel is ready to switch out its old POTS lines for new SIP ones, let’s connect.

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The Flip to SIP is Easy…

We help current and new customers alike make the Flip to SIP easily and economically:

Current PBX Customers

Cloud5 can easily outfit your current PBX infrastructure with an extra FXO port.

Current SIP Customers

Cloud5 can update your current SIP with extra ports to replace POTS lines.

New Customers

Cloud5 can deliver and install new equipment that can connect devices directly to SIP technology, regardless of PBX infrastructure.