Plain, Old, and…Disconnected? New FCC order signals the end of POTs lines

Need to Upgrade Your POTs Line?

Last year, the FCC issued order 19-72A1 which mandates that customers and resellers of POTs line services transition to an alternative service on or before August 2, 2022.

This order officially allows telecommunications carriers to abandon outdated, degrading copper POTs lines. And to encourage customers to embrace this change, carriers are increasing their rates for existing POTs lines by as much as 75% – 150%, and are also providing customers discontinuation of service dates for existing POTs lines.

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Increase in rates for existing POTs lines
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date that services must be transitioned

Flip to SIP Program

If your property needs to find an alternative to replace its POTs lines, Cloud5 Communications can help. Our Flip to SIP program empowers current and new customers to make the switch from POTs to SIP lines easily and economically and remain in compliance with the FCC. Options include:

  • Current PBX Customers – Cloud5 can easily outfit your current PBX infrastructure with an extra FXS port.
  • Current SIP Customers – Cloud5 can update your current SIP with extra ports to replace POTs lines.
  • New Customers Cloud5 can deliver and install new equipment that can connect devices directly to SIP technology, regardless of PBX infrastructure.


If your hotel is ready to switch out its old POTs lines for new SIP ones, let’s connect.

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