Alex Ajdelsztajn, VP of Professional Services, Cloud5 Communications

A hotel’s ability to clearly communicate their vision and plan for delivering events, may completely shift a customer’s plans to host a function onsite or their willingness to work with one hotel vs. another.
Every so often there are local or world events that prompt the complete transformation of a product or service based on customer demand. COVID-19 has changed the hospitality industry as we knew it and tested our ability to be dynamic, creative and most of all, positive amid very challenging conditions.

Hospitality is going through a transformation that starts at home, moves through the travel journey, shifts the hotel stay experience, and spans beyond a guest’s departure from hotels. It’s about a true connection. Keeping someone engaged with you and your brand even when you’re not with them.

For companies and event planners, there is a new dilemma: How can we work together to create an environment where people feel safe attending an onsite function or, should that not be possible, how can we recreate a truly inclusive, collaborative experience for remote attendees?

The answer is hybrid events.

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