Generate New Revenue in the Pandemic Economy: Guest Wi-Fi Monetization Strategies

The latest episode of The Cloud5 Clique: Generate New Revenue in the Pandemic Economy – Guest Wi-Fi Monetization Strategies. Our expert panel created an insightful conversation:

  • Rachelle discusses the amount time you have to get a guest’s attention before they are onboarded to your network. (Hint: Less time than it takes to make the 10-second mojito)
  • Rich describes 3 ways hotels can monetize their networks – and none of them involve advertising.
  • Rafael opines the great network revenue source in the future, but reminds hoteliers that learning from deeper guest data will never go out of style.


  • Host: Armand Rabinowitz, VP of Product Development, Cloud5 Communications
  • Rachelle Peterson, Global Distribution Director, CNN International at WarnerMedia
  • Rafael de Albuquerque, Founder & CEO, Zoox Smart Data
  • Rich Mazzola, Business Development Lead, Google

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