Join the Conversation

Thousands of conversations and reviews about your hotel are being generated every day on social media sites, travel blogs, and internet chat rooms. When your customers utilize social platforms to share travel advice, you need to be there too – offering suggestions, listening to complaints, and solving problems. MediaAgent from Cloud5 can put you in the middle of the conversation by responding to comments that concern your brand or hotel.


Social Media Matters

What your customers are saying about you online can make or break your occupancy goals. A negative review can bring your online reservations to a standstill. Alternately, positive reviews can cascade into exponential growth in bookings. MediaAgent can sort through and respond proactively to the thousands of comments being made online about your property, converting dissent into the best kind of promotion for you – positive online reviews from real people.


Social Media1Searching Social Media

MediaAgent starts by collecting reviews and mentions of your hotel from web pages all over the internet. Comments are harvested from social sites like Twitter and Facebook, while reviews are gathered from TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp and All online mentions of your hotel or resort are gathered and organized by our social mining software for in-depth analysis.


Superior Analysis with Superior Results

Unlike others who employ only keyword searching software solutions for social monitoring, MediaAgent uses live analysts who actually read what people are saying about your property. This guarantees your business will get the most accurate picture of what is being said and give the most appropriate individualized response when necessary. Our careful analysis categorizes the commentary into compliments, complaints, and general questions. All information is organized according to its origin and tagged for what steps should be taken by the hotel.

Each case gets properly researched and routed to the appropriate party for the correct response.

Comprehensive Reporting

All of this comes to you in easy to understand, consolidated reports that track your social media interaction. Now you can easily see what has been said to who, and how it was resolved. Best of all, you control your level of participation, whether through direct email notifications or through our online user interface.


Actionable Data

Now you are part of the conversation and addressing your clients concerns through the power of social media. Whether it be to reward a great review or correct a complaint, being responsive to your customers will create the best form of advertising for your hotel – word of mouth from satisfied customers. Combine that with today’s social media platforms, and you have an advertising voice that can be heard by millions around the world. It’s time to join the conversation with MediaAgent from Cloud5.


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