VoiceAgent Speaks your Language

With increasing amounts of hotel revenue coming through voice channels, how you answer your calls is more important than ever. Today’s travelers make reservations both on and off your property with the press of a phone key or a click of a mouse. Cloud5’s VoiceAgent ensures that they get accurate, property-specific information that will guide them in choosing to book your hotel and its services. Our agents are trained to your standards, answering in your voice. VoiceAgent’s comprehensive reporting and detailed analytics will provide you with the business intelligence needed to fine tune your messaging and increase revenue.

VoiceAgent provides you with highly trained professionals who create, cultivate and maintain your most important asset: your relationship with your guests. in English, Spanish and French, our agents become an extension of your team.

We know that making travelers aware of what you have to offer in an efficient and friendly manner is the best way to guarantee customer loyalty and grow your business. With VoiceAgent no one is ever left hanging in a queue, and you will never be left wondering what happened to lost calls.


Reservation Agents & PBX Operators

Cloud5 is the leader in call management for the hospitality industry. Our trained professionals function seamlessly with your existing staff. Whether we are handling all inbound calls, overflow or acting as your PBX operator, we make sure your calls are answered promptly and routed efficiently. Every call is monitored and analyzed to continually improve your conversion rate and increase your customers’ satisfaction. All data is provided in actionable reports that will help you identify deficiencies. From reservations to room service, VoiceAgent has a solution that will enhance your business.



Proactive communication with your customers is the best method for increasing bookings on your website. With Click-to-Chat from VoiceAgent, your website will provide immediate access to the information customers need during this crucial stage in decision making. One click and your customers will be as engaged as if they were standing at the front desk, with no waiting or distractions, speaking with a knowledgeable agent who sells your services to your standards.



VoiceAgent’s Request-to-Call turns website clicks into phone calls that lead to bookings. By making it simple for customers to say “call me,” Request-a-Call can convert a frustrated user into a loyal customer. Once clicked, VoiceAgent’s specialists call at the requested time, reducing website abandonment, increasing online conversions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and creating vital marketing analytics for your hotel.


Scalable Solutions to Meet Every Need

VoiceAgent’s multi-service contact center approach delivers the quality customer interactions that build brand loyalty. Whether we are only handling periodic call overflow during peak travel times, or managing your entire voice channel, we communicate your hotel’s message with professionalism and integrity. No matter who your customers are, VoiceAgent creates positive interactions with each and every call.


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