An Extra Set of Hands When you Need it Most


Professional Services

Cloud5’s expert team provides a wide range of professional services that act like an “extra set of hands” for our clients. Our team has:

• Decades of hospitality knowledge and thousands of hospitality-focused projects under its belt.

• Proven tools, technologies and processes in place that consistently deliver on industry-specific SLAs

• Customer satisfaction scores are among the best in the industry – in fact, our teams consistently get 5-star reviews for excellent service

All this combines to help hotels effectively and efficiently complete essential projects without taking on additional personnel costs.


Experience For When Failure Isn’t an Option

Today, many hospitality new hires have little prior experience in the industry, and they often don’t understand the intricacies and dependencies of hotel IT systems. When projects are mission critical, and investments are high, it’s time to turn to a trusted, proven resource. Cloud5’s Professional Services can help hotels deliver against a wide range of IT related projects, including:

  • Annual IT Budget Development

  • RPF Services

  • Hotel Transitions and Openings

  • Hospitality-Focused Project Management

  • On-Site Desktop, Infrastructure and
    Network Support Services

  • Network Hardware Procurement, Configuration and Deployment Services

  • Customized Property Initiatives

  • Site surveys

  • Hotel Application and Systems Integrations, Upgrades and Deployments

  • Hardware Refreshes

  • Design Services

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