Multi-Dwelling Unit Revenue Calculator

How much could you boost your NOI with Cloud5?

More than ever, multi-dwelling unit (MDU) residents are tech-savvy consumers who rely on fast connections for work and play. And they’re willing to pay MDU operators a technology fee for the convenience. In fact, 92% of MDU residents want Wi-Fi everywhere in the community. Cloud5 can help you deliver a lightning-fast network that supports the digital demands of your most bandwidth heavy resident. Use our MDU revenue calculator to learn how much you can improve your Net Operating Income (NOI) every month with Cloud5 as your managed Wi-Fi provider.

Offering high-speed Wi-Fi as simply as other utilities can provide a welcome revenue stream for owners. Share a few details about your organization and we’ll estimate your monthly incremental revenue from offering community-wide technology and communications service.



Maximize your revenue potential

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*Although the information in this estimated monthly revenue is presented in good faith, Cloud5 makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information, nor does Cloud5 guarantee that you will realize revenue in this amount. This estimation is for evaluation purposes only and not a guarantee of revenue. Persons receiving this information will make their own determination as to Cloud5 products suitability for their own purposes prior to making a purchase. In no event will Cloud5 be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from reliance upon information from this estimated monthly revenue.