G6 & Cloud5 Partnership FAQs

Have Questions about How Cloud5’s Contact Center Can Work Within Your Property?

We’ve put together our most frequently asked questions below:

In November 2018, G6’s CIO approached Cloud5 to explore outsourcing its CRO needs across its portfolio of 1,450 owned & franchised properties on an accelerated basis. Within 2 months, Cloud5 ramped up more than 150 agents and we’ve never looked back. Today we serve hundreds of G6 properties across the nation – providing Reservations support that drives revenue and telephony services that deliver savings.

No. Our dedicated team of live agents are exclusively focused on G6. They’ve undergone extensive G6 brand immersion training to speak the G6 language. Additionally, each hotel has a dedicated Cloud5 toll free phone number, so agents can brand the call with your property name every time, as though we are with you on site. And finally, we have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance specialists focused on G6. Their job is to ensure that our agents are providing the best customer service, representing your brand, and giving each property a personal focus.

Cloud5 does more than just answer calls. We help guests with reservations issues, and we provide lightkeepers with peace of mind that no matter if they have staffing shortages or unexpected absenteeism, they’ll always have someone answering the phones. Additionally, we provide metrics that properties can’t easily replicate on their own. Our daily key performance metrics demonstrate the number of calls transferred, number of calls answered, speed-to-answer, call abandonment, bookings, room nights and revenue made.
Cloud5 needs to work with your phone system vendor to enable or edit an auto attendant which would automatically route reservations calls to your new toll-free number.
It should be available within 2-3 days for your welcome email
It really depends on the responsiveness of the phone system vendor and the access to the system that they have. If the phone vendor does not have to put a tech onsite it can be completed quicker.
G6 charges properties $0.99 per call. Cloud5’s cost to set up call transfer at your property is free.
While not every call is a sales call, we’re supporting you guests’ questions, helping them with modifications, and cancellations (we-strive to re-book any cancellation requests for later dates) – all of which improves the G6 brand reputation and your property’s ability to book future reservations.
We are reliable, consistently available to your guests 24x7x365, answering calls within seconds, which allows your property to focus on the needs of your guests on site. In fact, in 2022 YTD, the average speed of answer was just 13 seconds, and the average handle time was around 5 minutes.
Call transfer is set-up in the PBX phone system and requires coordination with a properties’ phone maintenance contact for set up. Call transfer routes calls to the Cloud5 Contact Center when it’s “on,” but can be accidentally turned “off” and/or left “off” resulting in missed calls and missed revenue opportunities.

Hosted Auto Attendant cannot be turned off at the property level. This ensures that all reservations calls are routed to the Cloud5 Contact Center, where our expertly trained, live agents can make bookings and adjust reservations 24/7/365 – never missing a call or a chance to make your property money. Cloud5 currently charges a minimal monthly fee for Hosted AA, but we are working with G6 HQ as they may waive that cost.