Remote Device, Workstation, and Server Support & Security


Device Management & Support

Cloud5’s Device Management and Support services deliver remote support for workstations, servers, and devices, so hotels can have a strong IT presence at each property that will ensure devices are in good working order, updated, secure and fully supported 24/7…without the expense and overhead of onsite personnel.

Device Integrity

Maintaining the functionality and integrity of devices

Cloud5 helps properties maintain existing assets, provide remote support and bolster security across all devices through:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management Support Services (RMM)

System Health Management: Actively monitoring the health of a client’s devices.
Asset Management: Tracking and managing client’s devices.
Remote Support: Supporting end users using a secure remote connection directly into their devices.

  • Patch Management

Automated Patch Management: Applying security patches and software updates to client devices using Cloud5’s automated patch management software.
Advanced Patch Management: Manually applying patches and software updates to troubled devices based upon a client’s
request. Additional hourly fees will apply.

  • Antivirus

Software Management: Actively monitoring each device to confirm that the antivirus software is up to date and that antivirus scans are being automatically scheduled.
Incident Management: Providing support to users who are reporting issues with the anti-virus software.
Performance Support: Monitoring antivirus usage and reporting on any potential problems.
Proactive Support: Educating users about the importance of antivirus software and how to use it effectively.

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