Cloud5 Hospitality ECO Program

Making your property more eco-friendly is easier than ever.


Sustainability Insights for Hotels

Increased consumer demand and concerns about the environment have prompted industry leaders to create sustainability initiatives that make their brands eco-friendlier, and in turn, more appealing to customers. Click on our datasheet below to see how you can increase your commitment to sustainability today.

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The Problem

Across thousands of installs, we’ve found that almost every hotel has pallets of old equipment just sitting in their data closets. Moreover, most of our clients don’t have a plan to remove it and they are often unaware of the laws, guidelines and risks of improper disposal (including, most importantly, data security and guest privacy concerns). As a result, a lot of this equipment ends up in the trash which not only harms the environment, but also opens the door to cyber threats and costly security breaches.

The Solution

The Cloud5 ECO program offers hotels a way to securely and sustainably recycle old network equipment. For a nominal fee, Cloud5 will repack old equipment, ship it off to our accredited recycling partner, and provide hotels with a Data Destruction Certificate complete with a $5 million insurance policy on the data and a Cloud5 Eco sustainability badge they can place on their website.

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