An Innovative Concept that Leverages Automation and Self-Healing Network Technology to Proactively Manage the Guest Experience

Cloud5 HDX is a predictive, AI-powered solution that identifies and resolves network health issues before they impact guests across applications, including Internet, Voice, Guest Service, IOT, and more. With business intelligence and role-based views of the hotel technology ecosystem, the hardware-agnostic HDX platform boosts guest satisfaction, reduces outages & network costs by managing every aspect of the guest experience proactively.

See your network like never before.

  • A paradigm shift to guest-centric networks through the marriage of artificial intelligence and automation.
  • Predictive, self-healing networks that pre-emptively identify and resolve issues without human intervention.
  • Proactive, prescriptive workflows that automate corrective actions to keep guests happy and avoid negative reviews.

Our experience and knowledge are changing the way the industry thinks about hotel communications and networks, and how they deliver the guest experience.
HDX is live in almost 100 hotels today, aggregating and analyzing data.
Watch our HDX introduction video here.

On April 10, HDX will compete for TechOvation Award during HT-Next in New Orleans. Watch our presentation there and vote for HDX!