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Hybrid Events eBook

How to Profit from Hybrid Events

Hybrid event programs help hotels create new paths to revenue as they recover from the pandemic and they provide a combination of in-person and virtual options. However, there are special IT challenges that come with running a successful hybrid event.

In this eBook, you’ll learn tips to create world-class hybrid event experiences for guests.

Inside the eBook

  • Trends in the hospitality industry recovery so far

  • Why brands like Marriot, Hilton, and Hyatt offer hybrid events

  • The four technology requirements for a successful hybrid event

  • How to vet a hybrid event communications solution provider

Creating Stellar Guest Experience For Industry Leading Brands

Cloud5 Helps Companies Host Successful Hybrid Events

Beyond COVID-19, hybrid options present many opportunities to extend the reach of meeting programs. For example, if a meeting planner learns that many employees are unable to attend a global meeting due to scheduling conflicts, the meeting planner may consider a hybrid meeting option so those employees can still participate virtually.

Steve Enselein, Senior Vice President of Events, Hyatt