Knowledge is power, but better margins are even more powerful.

Access to accurate, current data on your hotel’s operations can open up entirely new opportunities for revenue, highlight areas for cost reductions and enable you to plan for future infrastructure needs. Knowledge of your hotel’s utilization of your IT services translates into better guest experiences, today and in the future. And we all know that having happy, loyal, repeat guests is the best knowledge of all.

bullet Do you know when your peak inbound, potential revenue calls happen?

bullet How many calls within your hotel are for housekeeping or other services, and what are the numbers of calls each hour of the day and night?

bullet  What are your hotel’s peak usage times and trends for guest WIFI usage?

bullet Most importantly, are all of your calls getting answered?

With Cloud5 BI (Business Intelligence) Solutions, you’ll have access to comprehensive call data – such as originating numbers, length of calls, Internet Chartstransfers, time-to-answer and how many calls go unanswered right down to each minute of the day – and, when utilizing Cloud5 Internet, insight on all aspects of your wired and wireless network usage. You can get raw data for input to your BI engine, real-time access to reports, or scheduled reports delivered with analysis to spot meaningful trends for staffing and evaluation of operational needs such as call center support. Operational streamlining can be achieved as well as greater revenue captured when you have accurate data at your fingertips.

Cloud5 BI Solutions can extract critical information from any phone system and deliver a 360 degree view of your guests’ Internet usage and trends when coupled with Cloud5 Internet services. Data is delivered on your schedule and format, putting you in control of your operations – and your future.


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