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Connectivity Study: What Hotel CIOs Think Is Important

Partnering with Hospitality Upgrade magazine, Cloud5 recently surveyed a select sample of hospitality industry technology leaders for their views on high-speed internet access (HSIA). These senior executives represent a great cross-section of the industry from the luxury to mid-scale/economy brands both large and small, as well as a range of management companies.

We asked 5 key questions and the answers are helping shape the next generation of hotel network strategy in 2020 and beyond.

The CIO rankings make it clear that the top two priorities are HSIA infrastructure and HSIA bandwidth upgrades – by a long shot.

Here are the highlights of the Hospitality Connectivity Study | 2019 CIO Survey results:

  • Guest satisfaction indexes are the #1 measure of hotel HSIA services.
  • Majority of CIOs say the decision to invest OPEX in more bandwidth is based on guest “satisfaction” or “expectations.”
  • Top applications to be added to guestroom networks in 2020 are Panic Button, IoT and voice-activated devices.
  • Top two priorities for investment in 2020 are HSIA infrastructure and bandwidth upgrades.

Read the full study at the Hospitality Upgrade website.

We are pleased to share these insights with you to help with your planning for 2020. Cloud5 looks forward to helping you address these trends and the challenges they present for your organization so you can successfully grow even more in the coming year.

Enjoy learning what your peers are saying about their HSIA services. If you have any questions or want to start a conversation about optimizing your hotel connectivity experience, reach out to us here.