Session 2 of the Cloud5 Clique with Armand Rabinowitz

You’re invited to join the #Cloud5Clique for a discussion on the future of voice in hotels. Our second episode of the webinar series again welcomes expert panelists to debate the need for phones today.
This webinar looks at how voice in hospitality has evolved, if phones can still be revenue generators, and how voice assistants could replace the phone altogether. Can they help hotels operate more efficiently and deliver on guest’s ever-changing expectations in the new normal? Our expert panelists – experienced hotel IT professionals and voice thought leaders – share their views of how voice will change hotel operations in the short and long term.

The Cloud5 Clique Ep. 2: the Future of Voice in Hotels from Cloud5 Communications on Vimeo.


Moderator: Armand Rabinowitz, Vice President of Product Development, Cloud5 Communications

Armand Rabinowitz brings IT expertise with flair as leader of the Cloud5 Clique. Part of an elite group of Hyatt patent inventors and leader of dozens of global technology workgroups during his tenure at HTNG, he delivers an element of creativity to each production based on his experience in the Hollywood entertainment cliques.


Dave Berger, CEO, and Founder of Volara

As the Founder and CEO of Volara – the voice hub for the hospitality industry, Dave Beger created a product that is building voice interfaces for leading hotel technologies while providing hotels the software to manage conversations with their guests at scale. David is a serial entrepreneur, early Bitcoiner, global executive, and recovering lawyer. He is a graduate of Emory University and the NYU School of Law. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.


Lasse Norgaard-Larsen, Director, Americas IT, Marriott International

Lasse Norgaard-Larsen is a highly driven IT leader with a focus on efficiency and operational enhancements. He has comprehensive international experience in project management and active participation in various industry and technology user groups to add to his impressive career in hospitality.